"Argentina: Scope of amendments to the Trademark Law and the new opposition resolution system"

With an average presence of almost 150 people online and 216 registered on August 30, the Webinar on “Argentina: Scope of the amendments to the Trademark Law and the new opposition resolution system” was carried out.

Said presentation was in charge of Dr. Carlos Maria Gallo (Trademark Director of INPI Argentina and under the moderation of the national delegate for Argentina in ASIPI Dr. Ricardo M. Gordó Llobell in coordination with Dr. Matias Noetinger (Member ASIPI).

As you can hear again through the link  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/7815245480474986499,  the presentation was aimed at the general scope of the new regulations and in particular to the substantial changes introduced in the system of resolution of oppositions, expiration and annulment by the INPI; Partial expiration due to lack of use and declaration of use within 5 years of concession.

Although much of this regulation still requires regulations to become operational, the most important change applied to the opposition resolution system is already regulated and close to take effect during the month of September.

Although it was not possible to specify how some of the introduced reforms will be in practice, Dr. Gallo said that the Trademark Law and the century-old jurisprudence prevailing in the matter will be respected.

Finally, the Moderator thanked Dr. Gallo and ASIPI for their willingness to address this issue, wishing that this new system would make it possible to de-bureaucratize and expedite the registration process but without losing the high standard of judicial decisions, the basis of the interesting jurisprudence, to which we are accustomed in terms of trademarks and oppositions in Argentina.


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