ASIPI at the Seminar on green economies and quality trademarks in Red Iberomab

On October 23, Zoraida Fonseca, Secretary of the Trademark Committee, represented ASIPI in the Seminar on green economies and quality brands in the Ibero-American Biosphere Reserves: RED IBEROMAB.

The biosphere reserves of UNESCO (Man and Biosphere Program -MaB-) are places with participative management of the population in which the practice of sustainable socio-economic development models is tested. The engine to promote the activities is the commitment of the population and public administrations acquired with the declaration of the reservation.

The study entitled “The economic impact of brands in five countries of the region” was presented at the seminar. Additionally, the importance of brands at the level of micro and medium enterprises was socialized.

The biosphere reserves are in a transition in which they seek to make the commercialization of local products an element of community development, for which the brands of the reserves are a tool that will facilitate the competitiveness and transmission of the values ​​of the reserve. In biosphere reserves, the boom in ecotourism and / or community tourism activities is increasing, as is the creation of participatory cooperatives by local entrepreneurs, so that the establishment of a brand use policy is collective or certified. vital to advance these projects.

At the seminar, the contingency of several reservations was evidenced as long as they do not have a registered trademark, and the Spanish case that has a registered collective trademark also came to light, but it has not been used by the residents of the reserve.



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