ASIPI celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day!

This April 26th, we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day in an atypical year given the current confinement and quarantine measures the world is experiencing.

WIPO’s call for this day is “Innovate for a Green Future”. As responsible inhabitants of this planet, we must be aware of the impact that our actions can have. To leave next generations a better world than the one we have today, we must raise awareness and join forces to work on the care, protection and conservation of nature to achieve a green world.

During this month of April, ASIPI has programmed a series of webinars designed to show how developed technologies and the Intellectual Property regimes work as exclusive rights to protect the developments that will eventually achieve a green future.

ASIPI joins WIPO and the local and global intellectual property communities to work with responsibility towards a better world.

Congratulations to all our members, collaborators and friends on this World Intellectual Property Day!

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