ASIPI at the 2016 World Congress of AIPPI

AIPPIMaria del Pilar Troncoso and Elisabeth Siemsen, President and Vicepresident 1 of ASIPI, participated in the 2016 World Congress of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), held from 16 to 20 September in Milan, Italy.

Prior to the formal opening of the event, it took place a meeting with Non-Governmental Offices (NGO), where organizations reported on the projects currently worked and addressed the issues of interest for all the present entities.  ASIPI followed up on its progress regarding the Joint Statement on Plain Packaging Measures and confirmed its interest to work on this and other projects with other entities.

The academic program was divided into several themes: General IP, Pharmaceutical, Patents, Copyrights/Trademarks and High Technology. Within these, interesting topics were addressed, such as “Computer implemented technologies: Patentable?”, “Antitrust and Pharma: Seeking a balance” and, “Patents: Prioritizing the rights of priority”.

Continuing ASIPI’s participation in the Congress, Maria del Pilar Troncoso and Elisabeth Siemsen, had the opportunity to converse with Mr. Felipe Claro, current president of AIPPI, and Mr. Hao Ma, next president of the same Association.

The event served as an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties between the two associations, and to advance our projects together.



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