ASIPI at the event "Challenges of the New Requirement of Trademark Use in Uruguay"

Fernando Triana, former president of ASIPI, represented the Association in the event “Challenges of the New Requirement of Trademark Use in Uruguay” organized by the Uruguayan Association of Industrial Property Agents (AUDAPI), with a presentation on “Mandatory use of the trademark, cancellation actions due to lack of use: the Andean experience “. The panel was held on October 22, 2018, in the auditorium of the Ferrere offices in Montevideo and approximately 80 people were present, including colleagues, public officials and enthusiasts.

The panel was shared with María Luisa Santa María de G.Breuer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who had the opportunity to discuss the experience of the mandatory use of the trademark in Argentina.

The conference and the questions that came up, cleared many of the normal doubts that a new law of this nature can generate so the intervention of ASIPI was very important.


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