ASIPI Panama: A great start

The thriving and dynamic City of Panama receives more than 600 attendees who will participate, over 4 days, in our XX Work Sessions and Administrative Council.

The day began with the meeting of the Administrative Council of ASIPI in which the members of the Executive Committee reported to the Delegates, Ex-Presidents and other associates, about the activities carried out as well as the projects in progress. Delegates had also a space to comment on legislative developments in their countries and projects from some of our Work Committees were highlighted. After 4 hours, the work was acknowledged and it was urged to continue forward during the last year of this administration.

After lunch, the 22 Working Committees met to review their projects and outline the plan of activities to follow. With an important number of attendees, this meeting reflected their commitment with the Association.

The Committee of Social Responsibility with its Mentorship Program, conducted a meeting attended by a large number of mentors, new ASIPI members and first time attendees. It was a meeting in which experiences were exchanged and bonds of collaboration and friendship were created.

At night, the Opening Cocktail was held at the American Trade Hotel with a dance show conducted by the Diablicos Sucios, one of the nine dances of the Corpus Christi.


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