Our associate Paula Bauer, carried out the following activities of ASIPIEDUCA in La Paz, Bolivia:

On May 23, the educational lecture on Intellectual Property was conducted before students from fourth grade of elementary school (9 years old) of the Franco-Bolivian School Alcide D’Orrbigny in the city of La Paz.

That week they celebrated the week of the book and gave a general overview on Industrial Property and deepened on the specific subject of Copyright.

The students responded positively, paying attention to the exposition and making contributions on the subject. They also asked questions related to trademarks, and especially to Copyright (bibliographical citations).

On the other hand, on June 28 three lectures on Intellectual Property took place in the San Antonio de Padua School in the city of La Paz.

Students attending the courses of 4th grade (9 – 10 years), 5th grade (10 – 11 years) and 6th grade (11 – 12 years) were interested and participated in the presentation.


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