Join ASIPIfit and Train at Home

We invite you to be part of our new ASIPIfit program to stay active and healthy while having fun!

We will start with functional training classes taught by a certified instructor and in which in just 45 minutes and from your home, you will work comprehensively improving your posture and strength while reducing tension and stress.

When are the classes?
Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 am Mexico time / 9:00 am Rio de Janeiro time.

What do you need for the class?
A computer / iPad or cell phone, a mat and for the first class, some resistance bands. The instructor will tell you the material that you are going to need for each class.

Where do you have to connect?
The classes will be live and you can connect by Zoom ( or by Instagram (if you still do not follow us, look for us as @_asipi_. We are venturing into this network and there we will be communicating many surprises).

What if you can’t connect to class?
Don´t worry, it will be recorded and then we will share the link for you to take it whenever you can.

When will it start?
The first class will be on Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 am Mexico time / 9:00 am Rio de Janeiro time.

See you there!

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