ASIPI CLUBS: Brainstorm IP

Jorge Saldivar

BC&B - Mexico
Monday, Dec 07 2020
15:30 - 16:30 EST/US time Zone

ASIPI CLUBS: Brainstorm IP

BLOCKBUSTER: An Incredible Story

From fantasy to drama, the story of BLOCKBUSTER

Taught by his former commercial VP with the purpose of unveiling practical learning to enhance our businesses.


The conference

 What can you expect?

  • The history of movie rentals
  • Fantasy and Drama: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Local and international insights
  • Learnings and challenges for business



The success of current companies like Netflix has raised questions about the effectiveness of the decisions that corporations make over time. Blockbuster is a company that always takes an example to evaluate decisions, but were the decisions good or bad?

 In this conference, we will reflect on the history of this company, we will know insights of the operation and above all we will generate key learnings that can be applied in our companies and businesses.


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