Ethics for Development

Marco Matías Alemán

WIPO - Switzerland

Sergio Amenabar

Estudio Villaseca - Chile

Monserrat Alfaro

LegalPrint - Costa Rica

Ethics for Development

There is a close interaction between ethical rationality, economic rationality, technique and politics that converge between people, countries and the international context. Ethical rationality aims to promote certain values ​​for their own sake, while technique aims to apply scientific knowledge to the efficient resolution of specific problems and politics to ensure the survival of institutions. In this area, Intellectual Property generates development through access to artistic, scientific and technological goods that generate as much or more progress than material goods. It can be exempted from being questioned by the ethics of development, when it confers exclusive rights, of a temporary nature that reward creators, producers of talent or ingenuity, in order to allow society access to culture and provide technological solutions, which will be the subject of analysis and discussion at the Ethics for Development Workshop.