Asipi Writes 2015

Three years ago ASIPI Writes was born, a dream of many that today managed to stop being something utopian and became a reality. ASIPI Writes is here in front of you today so that you can discover this inexhaustible world of riches. Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan) wrote: "Scientists say that we are made of atoms but I am sure that we are also made of stories." And ASIPI Writes is that: a set of stories by prominent professionals from different areas who with great intellectual generosity have provided us with their knowledge with the eagerness and premise that there is no knowledge if it is not shared. Writing is a personal and non-transferable experience, it does not mean the same for everyone. Writing is an act of courage, it is speaking up front, it is standing up and defending ideas. Everyone who writes is at stake in his words. Writing requires not only inspiration but also perspiration. ASIPI Writes, is the result of many hours of work of creating, mending, pruning, and rewriting, not once but many times. Writing is not enclosed in a few lines, when one begins to write new paths appear, and luckily we fall into the temptation of getting lost along those paths. - Juan Vanrell

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