ASIPI Writes 2018

ASIPI Writes 2018

Encouraging academic work was one of the main goals of our Executive Committee and its government plan, and ASIPI ESCRIBE is part of that purpose, which was achieved thanks to the effort and dedication of all the authors who make up this work. That is why at the end of this period 2015-2018, Through this compilation we highlight the work carried out by the Committees of Work, we show the activities carried out and the publications of articles on the subject matter of the same.

We thank each of the members of the Work Committees that have allowed us to navigate their consciousness and academic analysis through
each written article, as well as their perseverance in working on all the objectives drawn at the beginning of this work period. As we have always mentioned, The Committees are the engine of ASIPI, its nucleus to advance and continue to be a benchmark for Intellectual Property not only in the Americas, but also in the world.

I want to give a special mention to Jorge Chávarro, who throughout During this period, he carried out with great responsibility his role as manager of publications.

We hope that this and the other academic works of ASIPI serve as basis for fostering critical analysis and discussion. That the passion to learn and share what is known never fades.- María del Pilar Troncoso

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