Collision between Trademarks and Copyrights

On July 29, the Webinar "Collision between Trademarks and Copyrights" was held with María José Lamus from the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce of Colombia, Abraham Alegría from the firm Alegría Martínez & Fernández Wong, Ma. Soledad Álvarez from  Alvarez y Asociados firm and moderated by María de los Ángeles Lombeyda from AVL Abogados and José Roberto Herrera from Herrera Díaz Abogados.

Various cases of unregistrability of trademarks were exposed due to the prior existence of a copyright. Likewise, aspects related to the extension of copyright not only to the title, but to the content of a work itself were addressed and various collision events were exposed regarding the use of trademarks in works protected by copyright. Finally, various doubts from the public were cleared where each panelist was able to clarify additional aspects on the subject.


You can access the recording here :


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