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Country Guide Panama

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We are pleased to deliver the second part of the Informative Manuals on Trademark Legislation, prepared by the Committee “Informative Manual by countries” of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI). This work seeks to place in a single document the legislation, the practice and the procedure related to the protection of trademarks and domain names. The information has been organized in a uniform, agile and simple format that will allow you to easily find the desired information. With this work, ASIPI pursues the goal that all the actors of the Intellectual Property system know how to register, use and defend their trademark rights outside their jurisdictions. For this reason, like its predecessor, this compilation will be updated whenever the standards of the countries studied require it. - Mara del Pilar Troncoso


I. Applicable legislation
II. Trademark Office
III. International Agreements
IV. Trademark Registration
V. Application Submission
SAW. Registration application process
VII. Renewal of trademark registrations
VIII. Use of registered trademark
IX. Transfer
X. License to use
XI. Opposition Process
XII. Cancellation action due to lack of use
XIII. Registration Nullity Action
XIV. Action for Brand Infringement - Unfair Competition
XV. Registration with Customs
XVI. Domain Names

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