Regulación de los servicios over-the-top (OTT) audiovisual en las Américas

The objective of this article is to analyze whether audiovisual over-the-top (OTT) services are regulated or not in the different countries of the American region, and if not, whether or not they should be regulated and to what extent. To do this, a brief general introduction to the subject will be made and then questions will be answered that refer to: possible local regulations; regulation proposals; OTT provider registration; types of services to be regulated; regulatory entities; initiatives to adapt traditional services to OTT services; local content quota reservation; content restriction; restrictions regarding the nationality of the supplier or part of the supplier's capital; prohibitions that broadcasting services can provide OTT services or vice versa; restriction of access to users to certain platforms; application of taxes; limitation of liability of providers for infringing content; other issues to be taken into account and types of existing local platforms. Finally, conclusions will be made based on the responses obtained from the different countries of the region.

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