Biotechnological Inventions: Is there a limit? - ASIPI Buenos Aires 2016

Biotechnological Inventions: Is there a limit?

Today, inventions in the field of biotechnology play an important role. However, biotechnology is confronted in the debate between those who support their growth without limits, recognizing the scientific progress that represent for humanity and those who proclaim that such progress cannot justify the means (or even end) which may require the biotechnological development and therefore, there must be limits, thereby preserving ethical values of society. In turn, there are cases where biotechnological development is preceded by access to natural resources and traditional knowledge, which has raised the question of whether this result in awards in favor of the communities or countries where the element, object of the invention, is taken. Notwithstanding the lack of consensus on this issue, biotechnological inventions are now one of the technology sectors with greater demand for patent protection and the market for them is becoming increasingly competitive. Speakers will discuss international instruments that have been generated from the problem addressed and the criteria that the major patent offices in the world handle on the issue of biotechnology patents and will provide us with elements to discuss about whether there must be a limit and, if applicable, compensation to countries in the development of biotechnological invention.