Workshop: Franchises - ASIPI Buenos Aires 2016

Workshop: Franchises

1.Theoretical Part: The speakers (owners of franchises) will present and comment on the reality and problem of today in the franchise business.
It is intended to obtain the vision of a franchisee or franchisee on  the franchise contracts, to learn about the positive aspects, what are the advantages and disadvantages that a franchise contract has nowadays, which are the problems or advantages presented at the time of their negotiation, if the same problems exist in Argentina as in other countries, etc.
We seek to give participants a current and direct view of the franchise agreement, and no one better than the owner of a franchise to share with us the advantages or disadvantages of this contract.
2.Practical Part: Presentation of a case study in which the problem of the development of a franchise and its corresponding legal framework will be described in detail. It would be an international franchise of a school.
After the presentation, the group would be divided into 2 sub group, so that each one of them analyz the case and draw conclusions.
After the internal discussions, a discussion would take place in which each group will present its conclusions to the rest and have a debate on the subject.
In addition to discussing the solution of the practical case, we propose an analysis and discussion of the following topics:
1.- What should be the trend in Latin American legislation on franchising, a soft legislation or regulating the figure.
2.- What is the future of the development of the franchise in Latin America and its relationship with intellectual property.

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