Online Users: Social Networks and Liability for content - ASIPI Buenos Aires 2016

Online Users: Social Networks and Liability for content

To the goodness of social networks as major generators of a new social and communication dynamic which allow the most varied exchange, it opposes the use by some resulting in infringement of intellectual property rights, the right of image, privacy and honor, among others. USA and Europe have marked, through rules and practices, patterns of responsibility to service and content providers on the web and social networks. However, in most countries of the Americas, the legislation on these issues is still in development or even, it is a pending issue on the legislative agenda. In some countries, courts have laid criteria from cases that have been brought to justice. This issue is complex and not at all away from the controversy. What responsibility falls on the on-line users that feed content infringing third party rights and on the users that interact from those contents? What responsibility falls on individuals (corporate or personal) that invite users to generate content? Where do obligations end or how far do the duties of the holder of platforms go? Speakers will present us an updated discussion on these issues as well as the aspects that should be considered.