Round Table Discussion in Venezuela: 10 years since the withdrawal of the Cartagena Agreement

venezuela1The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), the Venezuelan Association of Agents of Industrial Property (COVAPI) and the International Trademark Association (INTA) met on June 14, 2016 at the Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental in Caracas, Venezuela, to conduct a round table discussion on “Public Policies on Industrial Property: 10 years since the withdrawal of the Cartagena Agreement, where are we and which is the path to be followed?”

The initiative for carrying on this round table discussion was born on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Andean Community of Nations, and therefore, from the communitarian legislation for the protection of industrial property rights. Throughout these years, the Industrial Property Act of 1955 has regulated the protection of these rights in the country.

Aware of the importance of evaluating the applicability and validity of the rules currently governing the industrial property in the country, this round table discussion took place with the participation of about 95 attendees from various sectors.

It featured high level speakers, who addressed major issues related to the main topic of the discussion; among them:

International Guests

·         Alfredo Corral (Romero Corral Abogados – Ecuador)

·         Ernesto Cavelier (Posse Herrera Ruiz – Colombia)

Who addressed the topic “Industrial Property in the regional and global environment”

Local Guests

·         Orlando Viera Blanco (Viera Blanco Asociados): “Industrial Property and Economic Development”

·         Rafael Ortín (Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon): “Towards a new Industrial Law in Venezuela”

·         Thaimy Márquez (Intellectual Property Consultant): “A proposal for reconstruction of Industrial Property in Venezuela”

·         Mario Massone (National Assembly): “The Legislative Agenda and the route to follow to push forward the reform of the Industrial Property Law”

Moderators of the Event

·         Jacqueline Moreau Aymard (ASIPI National Delegate)

·         Matías Pérez (President of COVAPI)

·         Castor González (GR LEX, S.C.)

During the round table various media were present carrying out an extraordinary event coverage, with positive reviews.

Here are some links to various publications:

The event had a very positive outcome; an approach to the various committees of the National Assembly, an approach of all the sector, and an excellent media coverage, was achieved.


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