Call now open for contributions to Volume 27 of "Derechos Intelectuales"

What is “Derechos Intelectuales”?

“DERECHOS INTELECTUALES” is a collection that ASIPI has published annually for over two decades, with contributions from experts in the Industrial and Intellectual Property field, many of whom are ASIPI members.

It is a collection of 26 volumes that is currently distributed in a digital format, which has allowed us to reach a wider dissemination of the work.

“DERECHOS INTELECTUALES” is an important publication for professionals, researchers, and those interested in intellectual property matters. Through the different volumes of the collection, the developments that have occurred in this area are reflected, in accordance to the advances in science, technology and innovation.

We invite you to participate by sending us articles to be included in Volume 27, which will be published by the end of 2022.

Which are the articles’ requirements?

Articles must be original and address issues related to intellectual property or to our practice. For more information regarding their requirements and format, please view here.

Which are the application and submission deadlines?

The deadline for applying to participate is Friday April 15, 2022.
The deadline for submitting the articles is Friday August 18, 2022.

Please send all communications and articles to [email protected] (in charge of publications), with copy to [email protected] and [email protected].

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