ASIPI Academy course "Advanced Negotiation"

The Advanced Negotiation program is key to understanding the skill that most impacts the value you extract from your daily negotiations and therefore from your income statement. Its interactive format, with several practical cases, allowed the participant to test their effectiveness in managing the different skills, tactics, techniques and strategies. The recorded practical cases were analyzed with the group so that they could identify which behaviors were appropriate in the different situations they faced and see their reactions to certain stimuli, problems or conflict situations. The participants identified the changes and habits they should adopt in order to improve their results and left the session with a personal development plan. Attendees gained a clear understanding of the different types of negotiation, from the most competitive / distributive based solely on price to the most complex and collaborative / multivariate. In addition, they understood the importance of the balance of power and how to influence it to obtain new opportunities and benefits. The program clarified the difference between selling and negotiating and offered knowledge, techniques, tactics and planning tools that allow you to improve the control and the results obtained in a negotiation.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this ASIPI Academia course!

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