World Intellectual Property Day Celebration in Bogotá, Colombia

On April 26, the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day took place in Brigard Castro’s facilities, within the framework of the “Aspire to Gold” Campaign of WIPO, which included the participation of representatives of two great Colombian sport figures, the professional soccer player Radamel Falcao García and the professional road racing cyclist Esteban Chaves.


Those attending the event had the opportunity to listen to the interventions of Jairo Chaves (father of Esteban) and Román Zárate (representative in Colombia of “Tigre” Falcao), who shared the experiences of both athletes with the world of Intellectual Property and told us how through protection of their different trademarks and emblems, they have managed to transcend Colombian borders and become true icons of the national sport.


Both Falcao and Esteban sent us congratulatory messages to the ASIPI Community on the occasion of the celebration of this day.

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