World Intellectual Property Day: Culture under the digital magnifying glass (*)


piliwebThanks to this new era, the culture belongs to us more than ever: music, books, art, film and television, are available at the distance of a ‘click’. Works are known and reported from anywhere in the world.

These new mechanisms to access knowledge have allowed an intercultural collaboration, fueling the creativity of artists and creative industries. This interaction becomes a circle: The creators and artists easily access a cultural element, inspire and thus, create.

Through this circle, boosted by new technologies, new cultural works arise, and consequently the culture itself develops. This process, protected by Intellectual Property, allows creativity to be valued.

Today, on the World Intellectual Property Day, ASIPI recognizes I.P. professionals for all their contribution, so this new digital age is not an impediment to the culture, but an impetus for its development and diffusion.

Congratulations, and let’s keep working!


Maria del Pilar Troncoso

President- ASIPI

(*) Based on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) message for the World Intellectual Property Day 2016: Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined”

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