"The Past, Present and Future of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community"

It was a great honor for me to open today‘s Webinar “The Past, Present and Future of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community”. The Court, with over 40 years of existence, has played a transcendental role in regulating and accompanying the Andean integration process with appropriate and suitable legal security. Its work has been a source of pride for the subregion, and for ASIPI in particular, for its effective performance in the interpretation and defense of the Andean regulations in the area of Intellectual Property. It has published an important number of prejudicial interpretations that are mandatory for consultation, not only by Colombian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian colleagues, but also by all those who, although are not from those countries, consult and cite them in many of our writings.

At ASIPI we mainly seek to promote and protect the collective interests of our associates through the study and dissemination of Intellectual Property, as well as to encourage the regulatory development and the defense of Intellectual Property in the American countries. Therefore, the activities carried out by the Court go hand in hand with our objective which is the development of IP in Latin America. I congratulate the Court for its work, the Magistrates who are part of it and all those who have left their mark on this important institution. It is vital to continue supporting and strengthening the activities of the Court. Many thanks to Dr. Luz Clemencia de Páez, Dr. Luis Diez Canseco, Dr. Marcel Tangarife, Dr. Hugo Gómez and Dr. Fernando Triana for having accepted our invitation to this important event. Thank you also to all of those that joined us in this webinar!

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