ASIPI-INTA Study: "Trademarks in Latin America: Economic Impact in 10 Latin America and Caribbean Countries"

On Monday October 28, during our Lima Work Sessions, the study entitled “Trademarks in Latin America: Economic Impact in 10 Latin America and Caribbean Countries” of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) and the International Trademark Association (INTA) was launched.

This work is an extension of the study carried out by both associations in 2016 and that evaluated the economic impact of trademark-intensive industries in five Latin American countries: Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru, and Mexico. This new study updates the findings of the five countries studied for the first time and adds five more countries: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Dominican Republic.

The study highlights that it is objectively demonstrated that the intensive use of trademarks drives the economy and development in all countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The figures for employment, wages, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and foreign trade of all countries are directly related to the use and registration of trademarks. In other words, countries show better economic indexes to the extent that companies register and use trademarks more to differentiate their products or services from those of the competition.

We invite you to download this important study at:

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