IESA and ASIPI sign institutional collaboration agreement

IESA and ASIPI signed an institutional collaboration agreement to exchange and disseminate academic, scientific and technical activities related to intellectual property.

This Tuesday, February 9, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) and the Institute of Higher Studies in Administration (IESA), two 50-year-old institutions with an interest in improving knowledge, excellence in professional practice and the promotion and approach of issues related to intellectual property at the national and international level.

For the IESA, it is a reason for satisfaction to sign this alliance with ASIPI, the first regional body in the field of intellectual property in the American continent and one of the pioneering institutions worldwide, which also has international presence and recognition as a representative body of intellectual property in the Americas.

This agreement will focus on the exchange of experiences and studies that lead to a better dissemination of intellectual property through joint activities such as webinars, editorial publications, academic programs, among others. It will allow the IESA to deepen on the matter and its purposes in order to further strengthen the area of ​​research, entrepreneurship and creation of intellectual content, and it will be an opportunity for ASIPI to promote knowledge and experience on the subject in the region.

During the signing, the representatives of each organization expressed their enthusiasm for starting the work that is planned to give life to the alliance. Professor Nunzia Auletta, Director of Development and Carolina Ross, Project and Consulting Manager, began the event with words of  appreciation to the members of the Board of Directors and to the President of ASIPI.

“For IESA, which is an institution that generates and disseminates knowledge, the issue of intellectual property protection is vital and the effort that ASIPI makes to support companies that innovate, that generate new models, new products, new services, that manage knowledge in Latin America is extremely important ”, expressed Professor Auletta.

President of ASIPI, Elisabeth Siemsen do Amaral, recalled the birth of the relationship between both institutions in 2019, through the professor of the Marketing Center Sofía Esqueda, one of the promoters of this alliance and highlighted the shared commitment that assume both institutions to achieve significant progress around the issue that occupies them:

“Intellectual Property is one of the pillars on which economic progress and the well-being of the population rest. Through it, competition is stimulated and innovation is promoted, the engine of growth. That is why at ASIPI we are committed to improving knowledge and practice in Intellectual Property and in that sense we work to promote and disseminate it in the region ”, highlighted Siemsen.

Dr. Gustavo Roosen, president of the IESA expressed that paying attention to Intellectual Property will help change the path in the countries of the region and thus obtain a competitive advantage and develop activities other than the export of products: “Intellectual Property is behind each of the undertakings where human talent is being tested, in order to generate activities that improve the competitiveness and quality of life of our people. At IESA, the endeavor is to give more and more value to entrepreneurship and its essence and this alliance ratifies it. “

Finally, Luis Henriquez, Secretary of ASIPI, and Jacqueline Moreau, Delegate of ASIPI in Venezuela, added their gratitude and pride for the signing of this agreement and expressed their willingness to start the joint work and carry out all the activities proposed in the framework of this agreement, which represents a great privilege for both institutions.

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