We invite you to the new ASIPI Academia course: Mediation in the field of intellectual property

Training in the field of mediation on intellectual property will allow the participant to identify skills and capacities required to address the controversy, conduct the meeting and intervention techniques that favor the construction of consensus through the exercise of mediation and its optimal application. Both as Neutral and as attorney for the party or party itself.

Objectives of the course:
1. Introduce participants to the nature of mediation, its characteristics, benefits and the implications it has on the profile of the third-party mediator in the field of international intellectual property disputes.
2. Describe and appropriate in the participants the different stages of the mediation procedure and its implications based on the roles and abilities expected in the third mediator.
3. Strengthen skills and capacities for the exercise of mediation in professionals interested in acting as ASIPI mediators so that they can access accreditation as such; through case clinics, simulations and methodological modeling of action.

For more info: https://asipi.org/cursos/?mc_cid=0ec155902e&mc_eid=da9fbf9e5c&lang=en

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