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The video game industry is the fastest growing industry in recent years within the so-called creative industries, widely exceeding the music and audiovisual industries, expecting that by 2021, 2.8 billion players around the world will generate revenues of US$ 189.3 billion for the global video game market. In 2020, e-sports worldwide exceeded revenues of US$ 1 billion and currently have 500 million viewers, with today’s most important gamers earning much more money than professional sports athletes such as golf, badminton, cycling, marathon races or martial arts.

Due to the numerous actors involved (mainly developers, publishers and players), there is a need for a course that provides the appropriate legal tools to understand the various aspects related to intellectual property, especially when negotiating contracts, as well as various regulatory aspects that IP attorneys are not used to dealing with. Moreover, with the rise of e-sports and its lack of regulation, the legal professional must also have a holistic view and not only be limited to IP issues.

The course will also benefit small and medium-sized video game developers to proactively establish legal strategies that will allow them to secure their intellectual property in the creation, distribution and presentation of creative content, without forgetting the public sector’s mechanisms for promotion and encouragement.

Finally, the course is a specialization and/or deepening of ASIPI Academy’s successful first course on Creative Industries.

For more info: https://asipi.org/cursos/?mc_cid=34240f1b4c&mc_eid=fdf84a9736


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