Roundtable in Ecuador

On Wednesday, April 24, a roundtable was held to commemorate the World Intellectual Property Day, on “Big Data and its impact on Intellectual Property”.

The roundtable started from the basic question: What is big data? In this sense, the panelists agreed to define it as a concept that was born with the fourth industrial revolution and whose main point is the treatment of a massive amount of information, which can be structured or not. Likewise, the panelists agreed on the fact that the importance of big data lies in the ability to process such information and the uses that can be made, uses that will have an impact on the right to privacy, image, honor, privacy and rights. of intellectual property.

It was mentioned that Ecuador’s legislation on big data and blockchain is practically non-existent, however it was emphasized in the fact that it is not necessary to have legal definitions, on the contrary, enough legal norms that delineate transversal principles for their correct use. All this based on the premise that technology advances faster than legislation.

Finally, as far as Intellectual Property is concerned, the impact of big data on issues such as database protection, trade secrets and the non-protection of algorithms according to the legislation was analyzed.

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