Roundtable in La Paz on "Action of Cancellation of Registration"

n1On April 29 took place the Round table, organized by ASIPI and ABPI, sponsored by the firms TERESA SHEPPARD, ORPAN Sociedad Civil, AGUIRRE Bufete de Abogados and Landívar & Landívar, which addressed the topic “Action of Cancellation of Registration”.
The Speakers:
– Ms. Perla Koziner from the firm Aguirre Sociedad Civil, who referred to the characteristics of this action and the use and abuse of this resource in Bolivia.
– Mr. Wolfgang Ohnes from the firm ORPAN, who referred to the legitimate interest in the cancellation action.
– Mr. Edwin Urquidi, from the firm Urquidi Rojas, who referred to the cancellation action as a defense in an Andean opposition.

Moderator: Martha Landivar Gantier, Delegate of ASIPI
Logistic Support: Chamber  Bolivian Germany
It was attended by about 30 people.
The following conclusions were reached:
1. Cancellation action is a resource established as a market debug, to unlock the flow of trade.
2. However, in Bolivia, unfortunately is not effectively regulated. Especially regarding the proof of use that must be provided, violating fundamental principles of administrative law.
3. It is necessary to approach to SENAPI to discuss changes in the Internal Rules governing the implementation of Decision 486.

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