Round Table Paraguay

On October 5 an ASIPI virtual round table was held to discuss the operation of the local Intellectual Property law firms in Paraguay during the pandemic. Antonio Villa (Estudio Berkemeyer), Lorena Mersán (Estudio Mersán Abogados) and Raquel Toñánez (Estudio Toñánez Ortiz & Asociados) participated as speakers and Aldo Fabrizio Modica (Estudio Bareiro Modica Abogados) was the moderator. It was a 1 hour event in which 30 people participated, including both local lawyers from Paraguay and invited colleagues from abroad. It was an entertaining and very interesting talk where the speakers answered the following questions: 1. What measures have your firms adopted during the pandemic? 2. How is teleworking for you? Which are the challenges of this modality and its benefits? 3. Do you think teleworking is a practice that will stay or will we return to normal once the pandemic is over? 4. Do you feel that the flow of work slowed down? If so, what actions were taken to deal with this situation? 5. Do your firms have a policy regarding participation in virtual events and seminars? 6. Which were your experiences with DINAPI and the judiciary during this pandemic?

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