Impact Study Presentation in Argentina

On November 13, ASIPI and INTA made a presentation on the Impact Study at the INPI offices in Buenos Aires. By INTA, Jose Luis Londoño participated in Skype from Chile and Lucia Scarpati (co-chair by INTA), in person. Juan Berton Moreno was present for ASIPI in his capacity as co-chair of the Association.

Other attendees were: Dámaso Pardo (President of INPI), Gonzalo Lavalle (Director of Legal Affairs of INPI), Carlos Gallo (Director of Trademarks of INPI), Mercedes Cullen (International Relations Coordinator of INPI), Joaquin Fluguel (Argentine Agency of Investments and International Trade), Fernando Martinez Tejedor (Counselor of the EUIPO for Latin America Economic and Trade Section), Enrique Caride (President of the Argentine Anti-Piracy Association), Representatives of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Representatives of the Judiciary, Kenny Wright (IPR Enforcement Expert of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office) and Michael Poulsen (Head of Department International Projects of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office).

The audience made many questions and requested information on the numbers found and the different indexes of the study. The idea was to have different national and international actors and groups that are working on compliance issues.


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