Second Symposium on Intellectual Property in Bolivia

On September 12, at the facilities of the Hotel Casa Grande in the city of La Paz, was held the Second Symposium on Intellectual Property.

This event, organized by the Bolivian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI) and the Inter-American Intellectual Property Association (ASIPI) with the logistical support of the German Bolivian Chamber, was attended by 37 people, including representatives of companies and members of law firms.

The speakers were:

Martha Landivar – Landivar & Landivar “Importance of Intellectual Property in the Economic Development”

Paola Bauer – Bufete Rojas “Licensing and Franchising”

Edwin Urquidi – Buquette Urquidi Rojas “Management of Intangibles in Companies”

Wolfgang Ohnes – Orpan Civil Society “Management of Intangibles within Companies”

The event was moderated by Perla Koziner from the firm Bufete Aguirre Sociedad Civil.

Having presented topics of great importance for the companies, the assistants enriched the event with questions and contributions.


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