Securitization of cash flow from the exploitation of intangibles. Intangibles as collateral

Intangible assets, and especially intellectual property rights, have the ability to be used as instruments of collateral and financing. It is not the main purpose of these properties, but under certain circumstances, especially when required to achieve liquidity or monetizing assets, are usually the objects of transactions that have as basis the transfer of rights, as guarantee, trust or pledge. In many cases, it is not necessary to transfer the assets but the cash flows that these can potentially generate.

The following aspects will be addressed:

  • The transfer of rights as background for other operations. Assignment of rights and the transfer of fruits or royalties. The global assignment of future receivables.
  • The collateralization.
  • The trust.
  • The Securitization. The institutional market for financial assets.
  • The analysis of risks and the shaping of cash flow.


Speaker: Gustavo Schötz

National Director  of Copyright of Argentina
Download here  Webinar´s presentation

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