Seminar "Product Adulteration and Public Health" in La Paz

On April 21, the Seminar “Adulteration of Products and Public Health” was held under the direct auspices of ASIPI and ABPI. This event had the logistical support of the German Bolivian Chamber and the co-sponsorship of Aguirre Civil Society, Bufte Gismondi, Landívar & Landívar, Orpan Civil Society and Urquidi Rojas, with the attendance of more than 30 people, including officials related to pharmaceutical and food products, as well as colleagues from law firms offering services in Intellectual Property in Bolivia.

The speakers of the event were: Carla Rojas from the State Agency for Medicines and Health Technology (AGEMED), Paola Valdenassi from the Municipal Intendance, Daniela Quintela from the Legal Department of the National Intellectual Property Service (SENAPI) and Mr. Juan Alfonso Quispe of the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (SENASAG).

The ASIPI Delegate in Bolivia, Martha Landívar, started the activity presenting the event as one of the activities carried out by ASIPI, and organized in conjunction with the local association ABPI, emphasizing the importance of the topic considering that the phenomenon of adulteration constitutes a crime, behind which criminal mafias are organized. Afterwards, the exhibitions began and officials, representatives of the institutions already mentioned, reported on all the actions and operations that they carry out in the face of evidence of adulteration, a scourge that endangers the health and life of the being human.

At the end of each of the presentations, there was time for questions and answers and Mr. Wolfgang Ohnes, President of the Bolivian Association of Intellectual Property, concluded the day by giving a brief summary of the event. Subsequently, the ASIPI Delegate thanked the speakers and institutions represented, the cosponsoring firms and the German Bolivian Chamber.

As a conclusion of the presentations, it was verified that the institutions in question, given the evidence of the marketing of adulterated products:

– Perform the operations according to the regulations that each one has; then proceed with the destruction of such products.

– Despite the efforts, the participating institutions do not have a coordinated action, based on institutional agreements.

– It is not possible to apply the current criminal law, which penalizes with imprisonment of one to 10 years this type of crimes.

– The society, and not only the institutions in charge, should be immersed in this fight against adulteration.

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