Non – Fungible Token’s – The New Crypto Storm

Ben Natter

Haug Partners LLP - USA

Hernán Bobrovsky

Phoebus Abogados - Argentina

Pablo Armando

Noetinger Armando Abogados - Argentina

Non – Fungible Token’s – The New Crypto Storm

Non – fungible tokens (NFT’s) have taken the digital world by storm. Unlike cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged one for another, NFT’s cannot,  each is a unique token on a blockchain and stores additional information which allows collectors to build a digital collection where each item can be traced to the original issuer. Among others, they are being used for crypto art, digital collectibles (such as the NBA TopShot) and online gaming among others.  This panel will make an introduction to NFT’s and some of the associated legal issues that lawyers should be aware of including copyrights, resale implications akin to the “droit de suite”, trademark, licensing and/ownership limitations as well as possible tax implications.