Itinerant Workshop ASIPI-WIPO on the International Patent System: PCT and ePCT

The Inter-American Intellectual Property Association (ASIPI), together with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and with the support of the National Intellectual Property Directorate (DINAPI), held the Itinerant Workshop on the International Patent System: PCT and ePCT, with the participation of national and international experts who talked about the evolution of the laws that protect it and the importance of them for the economic development of the countries. The event was held on Monday, November 4, at the office of the National Intellectual Property Directorate (DINAPI), with the participation of approximately 60 people.

The event was opened by Dr. Fabrizio Modica, national delegate for ASIPI, who welcomed everyone and highlighted the collaboration and constant support between ASIPI and DINAPI. He spoke of the importance that the PCT system would have in countries such as Paraguay, a fact that would benefit not only local researchers, but also foreigners, and the favorable impact it will have on industrial property agents.

Mr. Carlos Roy Mayoral, representative of WIPO, indicated that the patent system can play an important role in promoting trade, technology transfer and innovation and creativity, both locally and internationally. He explained that WIPO is actively participating in the search for solutions to adequately address global challenges and thanked Paraguay for being part of this series of workshops on the subject.

Mr. Joel Talavera, national director of DINAPI, said that the patent cooperation treaty is a reality in most of the countries that are part of WIPO, so this type of workshops help to gain more knowledge about its use, as well as the experience of other countries in their implementation.

Subsequently the panels addressed a: 1) Presentation of the national patent system of Paraguay, by the Ms. Belén Cubilla, of the Patent Directorate; 2) Overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Recent developments, by Mr. Carlos Roy Mayoral of WIPO; and 3) Introduction to ePCT online services: the global portal for the management of PCT applications. Practical demonstration, by Mr. Allal Aloui, of WIPO.

The workshop concluded with a session of questions and answers.

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