Piracy of audiovisual content via streaming in the Americas

Piracy of audiovisual content via streaming in the Americas


The objective of this article is to determine the scope of piracy of audiovisual contents via streaming in the Americas. To do this, we will first analyze the terms related to the study topic: Streaming, Peer-to-Peer, Torrent, Cyberlocker, Cookies, Cracker, OTT, IPTV, VOD, SVOD, Password Sharing, ISP. Secondly, we will examine the legal framework and viable actions in the different jurisdictions, mentioning laws and/or international treaties that typify and/or could be applicable to the following piracy modalities via streaming, and ISP’s liability. Finally, we will have look at the guide of good forensic practices for the collection of evidence required to prove this type of infringement.

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