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Program and sessions

Opening ceremony - Elisabeth Siemsen (President ASIPI - Brazil)

Inaugural Conference- Daren Tang (General Director of WIPO)

Master Conference: “The State of the Legal Industry” - Video
Miguel Zaldívar (Hogan Lovells – USA)

Drafting and negotiation of contracts linked to entertainment law 

Moderator: Aldo Fabrizio Modica - (Bareiro, Modica Abogados - Paraguay)
Martín Moscoso (Consultor - Perú)
Jamie Lieberman (Hashtag Legal - USA)
Pablo Máspero (Máspero Abogados - Argentina)

Presentations and Video

Health law vs. Trademark law. The limitation of a constitutional right in the area of the defense of an alleged public interest 

Moderator: Victor Abente (Abente Stewart Abogados - Paraguay)
Armando Arenas (Olivares & Cía. - México)
Luis Guinard (Guinard & Noriega - Panamá)
Gerardo Flórez (Philippi, Prietocarrizosa, Ferrero, DU & Uría - Colombia)

Presentatios and video

Retail companies and Intellectual Property. The delicate balance between freedom of commerce and infringement of third party rights

Moderator: Laura Sansalvador (Arcor -Argentina)
Diana Arredondo (Amazon - USA)
Guadalupe García Crespo (Mercado Libre - Argentina)
Juan Cichero (Mercado Libre - Argentina)
Fernando Ponce (Cencosud S.A. - Chile)


Master Conference: The evolution of a content company: from a traditional model to a streaming model - Video
Diego Lerner (President of  Walt Disney Company Latin America)

Patent law in the era of COVID. Promoting innovation, universal access and limitations based on considerations of public interest

Moderator: Alexander Agudelo (OlarteMoure - Colombia)
Roberto Vargas (Pfizer Inc. - USA)
Caroline Tauk (Jueza Federal De Río De Janeiro - Brazil)
Andrés Rincón (Cavelier Abogados - Colombia)

Presentation and video

Ethics for development

Moderator: Monserrat Alfaro (LegalPrint - Costa Rica)
Marco Matías Alemán (WIPO - Switzerland)
Sergio Amenábar (Estudio Villaseca - Chile)

Presentations and video

The perplexity of Intellectual Property Law in the face of the emergence of artificial intelligence - Video

Moderator: Javier Fernández-Lasquetty (Profesor Del IE Law School, Socio de Elzaburu -Spain)
Aurelio López (Tarruella Martinez, Profesor de la Universidad de Alicante -Spain)
Luz Sánchez García (Profesora de la Universidad de Murcia - Spain)
Manuel Desantes (Profesor de la Universidad de Alicante - Spain)

COVID and the new reality of the Fashion Retail industry, what’s next?- Video

Moderator: Anthony Lupo (Arent Fox LLP - USA)
Eduardo Pérez (Yves Saint Laurent -USA)
Richard Naranjo (Kering - USA)

Corporate initiatives for internal and external diversity

Moderator: Monique Ferrer (Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramírez - Panama)
Peter Eduardo Siemsen (Dannemann Siemsen - Brazil)
Myrtha Hurtado Rivas (Novartis - Switzerland)
Ariela Agosin (Albagli Zaliasnik- Chile)

Presentations and video

The new environment industry sport and rise of the e-sports - Video

Moderator: Wallis Pons (Angeles Pons - Dominican Republic)
Juan Sebastián Cantillo (Huawei - Colombia)
Christopher Chase (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein - USA)
Alberto Guerra (Guerra IP - Brazil)

The best legal marketing tips during COVID-19 and beyond

Moderator: Elyssa Lefevre (Firm Forward - USA)
Speaker: Ross Fishman (Fishman Marketing Inc. - USA)

Presentation and video

Geographical indications, sustainable territorial tool: economic, cultural and environmental aspects

Cecilia Falconi (Falconi Puig Abogados - Ecuador)
Arturo Tello (Osterling Abogados - Peru)
Federico Moncunill (Consejo Regulador IGP Jijona e IGP Turrón De Alicante - Spain)
Florence Rojal (WIPO -Switzerland)
Pablo Pérez Akaki (Universidad Anáhuac  - Mexico)

Presentations and video

Regional IP and Technology offices

Elisabeth Siemsen Do Amaral (Presidente of ASIPI - Brazil)
Luis Henríquez (Secretary of ASIPI - Venezuela)
Claudio Vilar Furtado (President of INPI - Brazil)
William Meredith (WIPO - Switzerland)
Andrea Di Carlo (EUIPO)
Fabiola Varela (Director of Propiedad Intelectual del Registro Nacional - Costa Rica)
Loreto Bresky (INAPI - Chile)

Presentations and video

The rise of the Streaming Industry, the application of Streaming Rights, tools and major cases - Video

Moderator: José Roberto Herrera (Herrera Díaz Abogados - Colombia)
Mark Traphagen (Traphagen Law PLLC - USA)
Gian Marco Asencio (Legal Manager and Compliance Officer at DIRECTV - Perú)

Basic concepts of brand valuation, what should you know? - Video

Moderator: Antonio Villa (Asociado Senior Berkemeyer - Paraguay)
Speaker: Juliana González (Ingenio Avalúos - Colombia)

Data protection, an overview of the rules, regulations, and how to ensure compliance - Video

Moderator: Juanita Acosta (Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas - Colombia)
José Alejandro Bermúdez (Bermúdez Durana Asociados - Colombia)
Rosa María Franco (Axkati Legal, S.C. - Mexico)
Victoria Beckman (Frost Brown Todd LLC - USA)


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