Pharmaceutical Law Vol. II

Pharmaceutical Law Vol. II

Pharmaceutical Law Vol. II


For ASIPI it is a great pride to be able to present to you this work that brings together the scientific and legal knowledge of prominent professionals and experts in pharmaceutical or regulatory law in Latin America.
In each of its six chapters the authors analyze various problems with great depth, so we do not doubt that it will become a permanent reference document for all of us who work with and value intellectual property.
It is emphasized that these studies are published at a time full of challenges for pharmaceutical law in Latin America, so the intention of
ASIPI with the publication of this work is to contribute to a debate informed.


Chapter Fourth Compulsory Licenses

  • Compulsory License for reasons of public interest: protect cases of extreme urgency or green light to arbitrariness? Roxana Bacalla Izquierdo and Bruno Merchor Valderrama.
  • "Ecuadorian Regime of Compulsory Licensing of Drug Patents. Analysis under the current international treaties "José Meythaler and Andrés Rubio.
  • "Patents of the pharmaceutical industry and compulsory licenses. Current situation in Colombia "Carlos R. Olarte García and Maritza Sierra Hernández.
  • "Some considerations in relation to compulsory licenses. Mexico" Regina Kuchle, Alejandro López-Velarde and Juan Carlos Macouzet.

Chapter Five Protection of test data

  • "Patents and Protection of Test Data. Analysis of the situation in the Argentine Republic" Daniel R. Zuccherino.
  • "The Legal Nature of the Protection of Pharmaceutical Test Data" Andrés Rincón Uscátegui.
  • "Patents of invention. Pharmaceutical patents Protection of Clinical Data and other topics of interest for the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico " Alejandro Luna.
  • "Pharmaceutical Products Test Data: Analysis of local legislation and applicable treaties. First cases - Peru " Maritza Reátegui Valdiviezo.

Chapter Sixth Pharmaceutical Brands

  • "Strokes and reflections on the pharmaceutical brand" Javier André Murillo Chávez.
  • "Cancellation of pharmaceutical brands: designing a prescription for the preservation of the good health of the trademark system" Gustavo M. Rodríguez García.

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