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3:00 pm

Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop

3:00 pm

Administration of Law firms Workshop

Niche and Industry Marketing Creating and owning a market Looking to jump-start your firm’s marketing efforts?  Want to generate results more quickly? A little focus leads to significant results, and in one informative and fast-paced session, you’ll learn how to build a tightly focused and effective practice or industry group. One of the legal profession’s most innovative and highly honored marketers, Ross Fishman will show slides and dozens of real-life examples of powerful strategies you can use immediately to advance your firm’s or practice’s marketing efforts. Often called by Managing and Marketing Partners “the best marketing program I’ve ever seen,” this presentation just might persuade you to try a more efficient and more fun approach to your marketing. Attendees will learn: ·       The number one thing clients are buying today, and how to offer it to them ...

Ross Fishman
Fishman Marketing, Inc.- United States
9:00 am

Administrative Council

12:30 pm

Standing Lunch

Place: J.W. Marriott Hotel Foyer Room Real    

2:00 pm

Working Committees

Place: J.W. Marriott Hotel Room Real I y II Dress Code: Casual

7:00 pm

Opening Ceremony and Cocktail

Location: Metropolitan Club Opening Ceremony: 7:00 pm Cocktail: 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Dress Code: Formal (Suit and Tie required to enter the Club)  Keynote Speaker:  Juan Carlos Henao

9:00 am

Trademarks for pharmaceutical products. where does the likelihood of confusion reside?

10:30 am

New roles of public administration with regards to pharmaceutical patents

“Existing Material”, “Patent Term Restoration” and “Linkage of the System of Sanitary Registries with the Patent System” (patent linkage) are subjects incorporated in several Latin American legislations that establish competences and responsibilities in sanitary administrative authorities in matters related to pharmaceutical patents. Speakers will address these figures, how some countries in Latin America have implemented them and, in some cases, how courts have defined their application.

Alejandro Luna
Olivares - Mexico
Ernesto Rengifo
Rengifo Abogados - Colombia
Mary Fernández
Moderator - República Dominicana
12:00 pm

Standing Lunch

Place:   Hilton Hotel Bar Level – Pool Terrace

12:30 pm

Access to natural resources: what does the concept covers?

Latin America and the Caribbean are a privileged area of ​​the planet where a vast diversity of flora and fauna is concentrated. In turn, culturally, it has a plurality of ancestral populations, whose traditional knowledge informs about the benefits that certain plants and animals have on human health. Thus, this region of the world is attractive for the development of research in pharmaceutical matters and for other areas of science. Several countries have adopted regulations regarding the access and use of local natural resources and, as a result, a series of documentary and contractual relationships have been managed to formalize these processes. What experiences can we identify in Latin America regarding access to natural resources for research and development? How ...

Paola Laurini
Estudio Gordó Llobell - Argentina
Silvia Salazar
Universidad de Costa Rica - Costa Rica
Ninoshka Urrutia
Moderator - Guatemala
2:00 pm

Expert evidence in patent controversies

Patent disputes have a highly technical-scientific component; in a few countries, public officials or judges who know of these disputes have professional training in chemical, mechanical, electrical and other sciences, in addition to law. Hence, in order to apply the law to the specific case that is subject to its decision, officials and judges need to be provided with specialized knowledge, through a suitable test but in a form and language understandable to those who are not trained in the technique. What type of proof is suitable to evidence the infringement of a patent (depending on the subject matter)? What does the judge expect from this type of test? What diligence should the lawyer have to measure the opinion of ...

Roberto Vargas
Pfizer Inc. - USA
Ramón Soto
Universidad autónoma de Mexico - Mexico
Eric Fues
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP - USA
Fernando Triana
Moderator - Colombia
8:00 pm

Local Law Firm Reception

Place: Andres D.C Restaurant Dress code: Casual Buses leaving Hilton and Marriott Hotels at : 7:30pm

9:00 am

Pharmaceutical products, digital apps and big data– an environment in rapid evolution

10:30 am

Use and abuse of patent flexibilities in the TRIPS agreement

Based on the recognition of asymmetries, multilateral instruments covering invention patents have provided scope for the implementation of their content. That margin is broad in the Paris Convention; in the TRIPS Agreement, the margin was reduced by defining “minimums” of guardianship. In this last agreement, the concept of “flexibilities” is incorporated, based on the different degree of development among the member countries, particularly in terms of public health considerations and access to medicines. In law, talking about “flexibilities” generates “uncertainty” since there are usually many aspects that are not specified, it opens the door to arbitrary interpretations and confronts the parties. “Compulsory Licenses”, “Exhaustion of the Law”, “Use by the State”, “Exceptions to comply with regulatory requirements (Bolar exception)”, are ...

Marco Matías Alemán
World Intellectual Property Organization - Switzerland
Roberto Ribeiro
Sanofi - Brasil
Gustavo de Freitas Morais
Speaker and Moderator - Brazil
12:00 pm

Standing Lunch

Place: Hilton Hotel  Bar Level – Pool Terrace

12:30 pm

Biologic and biosimilars

Biotechnology is the trend in the development of medicines. Biological products represent the spearhead of biomedical research and currently offer the most effective means of treating a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions that currently have no other way of being treated. Biological drugs are medicines made from living organisms, living cells, through complex manufacturing processes, to the extreme that is often said “in biological, the process is the product.” These molecules are more structurally complex and more sensitive to changes in their environment. The process for its manufacture requires a strict control and monitoring of the production conditions and even packaging. Given the characteristics of biologics, it is not possible to speak of “generics”, as is the case ...

Hugo Carrasco
Janssen-Cilag - Mexico
Ana María Castro
Lloreda Camacho - Colombia
Maritza Reategui Valdivieso
Moderator - Perú
2:00 pm

Hot topics in pharmaceutical trademarks

En varios países se ha legislado, o se cuenta con proyectos para legislar, en el sentido de que la denominación del ingrediente activo sea el elemento prominente en el empaque, anulando las funciones de la “marca”; también se ha normado que los médicos receten con esa denominación y no con la marca del producto. Estas y otras normas implican limitación al derecho de los titulares de marcas, discriminan injustamente en favor de productores que solo utilicen la denominación en cuestión, complican la fármaco-vigilancia y trazabilidad y llegan hasta violar la libertad de un facultativo para recetar lo que considera  mejor para el tratamiento de su paciente. Para discutir sobre estos problemas crecientes, haremos un recorrido por el sistema de las ...

John R. Rudolph
Eli Lilly and Company - United States
Mónica Andrea Ramírez
Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio - Colombia
José Juan Méndez
Moderator - México
4:00 pm

Happy Hour

Place: Hilton Hotel 15 Floor

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