Companion Program



Hotel exit: 10.00hs
Return: 15.00hs
The most representative flavors of Peruvian cuisine await you. You will embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure, beginning your journey in a typical Peruvian market. There you will discover a wide variety of national supplies, among which you will find traditional Peruvian fruits such as cherimoya, lucuma and aguaymanto.

If you are a lover of seafood, there is no doubt that you will be surprised with the offer of several species of fish and shellfish that are on the market. Then, you will visit an exclusive Lima restaurant, where you will learn how to prepare pisco sour and ceviche, two worthy representatives of the Peruvian flavor.

Finally, you can enjoy a delicious lunch with the most important dishes of Peru.

Hotel exit: 10.00hs
Return: 16.00hs
Barranco is a district with a great tradition and history. Start with a walk through the famous “Bridge of Sighs”. The tour continues with a stop at the museum of the renowned photographer Mario Testino, where the most extensive collection of his photographs is exhibited; It is the only cultural institution in the world with permanent exhibitions of this famous Peruvian artist.

Later, you will visit the Larco Museum, one of the most complete museums in Latin America, where the unsurpassed collection of Treasures of Ancient Peru is housed. This impressive collection inspires its visitors, making them discover, understand and enjoy – through more than 45,000 pieces – the more than five thousand years of history of Ancient Peru. One of the most striking exhibitions is that of ceramic pieces from the Mochica culture, which – due to its particular characteristics – is known as “erotic pottery”.

At the end of the visit, you will enjoy a delicious lunch in the magical and cozy atmosphere offered by the museum’s restaurant.