About Montevideo

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Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, harmoniously combines modernity and tradition. Ancient architectural treasures such as el Cabildo, the Iglesia Matriz (Matriz Church) and the Puerta de la Ciudadela (City Gate), styles such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco and cutting-edge modern buildings such as the Torre de las Comunicaciones (Communications Tower), give the city a unique identity.

 The capital’s Rambla (waterfront promenade), providing access to over 30 km of coastline, is one of the main attributes of Montevideo and an unforgettable stroll for its inhabitants who frequently go there to drink ‘mate’ (South American style of tea) and go for long walks. In addition, the vast number of green spaces, parks and gardens also provide numerous outdoor options.

Montevideo also has an extensive cultural scene. For example, its theatrical productions are remarkably extensive and varied, and include classic, modern and alternative shows.  In its museums, cultural centers and showrooms it is possible to appreciate the art of a wide range of internationally recognised artists such as Juan Manuel Blanes, Rafael Barradas, Pedro Figari, Joaquín Torres García, José Cúneo and Ignacio Iturria, among others.  In 2013, for the second time, Montevideo was named the Ibero-American Culture Capital by the Union of the Ibero-American Capital Cities (UCCI – Unión de Ciudades Capitales Iberoamericanas) and, therefore, a broad agenda has been scheduled in order to celebrate this distinction.

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Located in the area of ​​Parque Batlle, it is the main sports scene in the country, with an impressive infrastructure capable of holding up to 80,000 spectators. It is possible to coordinate guided tours and learn about the things that transformed football into the greatest passion of Uruguayans.

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Located in the Old City, between Sarandí and Juan Carlos Gómez streets. The Matriz Church, El Cabildo and other historic buildings are surrounded by its mythical fountain, one of the most beautiful monuments in the city.

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It is one of the points of greatest congregation of tourists in the capital. Its cuisine represents the most entrenched traditions of Uruguay. The “asado” is the predominant dish and most restaurants are “parrilladas”  but there are other options. Cultural shows and crafts are also protagonists in the environment.

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Located in the Prado, it has a large collection of flora from different parts of the world around more than thirteen hectares. The environment is ideal for extensive picnic days and to connect with nature, without leaving the city. Free Access.

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Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Montevideo, it is a great option to have a high profile dinner. Not only does it have a great atmosphere, but also a large selection of both local and international wines. They have a private room if you wish.

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Restaurant specialized in meat, recognized for its grill and wine level. While it is mainly characterized by its grill, it has a more gourmet approach. Recommended for both lunch and dinner.

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A Kitchen without Borders, is considered one of the best restaurants in Montevideo. Tandory’s charm lies in its fusion cuisine, personalized attention and warm atmosphere. The living room has two floors, upper and wine cellar. It is decorated with ethnic elements that reflect its culinary style, influenced by European, Latin and Asian regional cuisines.

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They serve red meat and pasta, as well as seafood. With an excellent price-quality relationship, La Perdiz stands out within the Uruguayan gastronomic offer.

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Its menu consists of tapas or cold or hot entrees, grill with the premium cuts of red, white and pork meats, salads and side dishes, fish and seafood, poultry and meat, rice and pasta, and a dessert section where it stands out the Pancake with dulce de leche, flan,  handmade ice cream, the Marquise de chocolate and the Don Pedro with Scotch.

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With a menu mainly consisting of grill and sea food, it is a good option for lunch or dinner.

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Nice restaurant with a very varied menu. While they have enough place, it is very discreet.

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Ramona Artesanal, a place to experience, to discover new flavors, very different and at the same time very familiar. Breads, pastas, salads and cakes are their specialty. You can also try the classic Uruguayan chivitos.

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Considered one of the best places to go to try the classic “Chivito” Uruguayan. While it is a very small and simple place, it is a great option for dinner.

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It was one of the pioneer Uruguayan bars in offering Frankfurters, Canadian Chivitos, Hot Sandwiches and Pulled Beer; as well as the only one to produce its own German homemade mustard.

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One of the best bars in the city, its extensive menu, but of a very good level is a perfect accompaniment to enjoy the best drinks or the great variety of local beers and from all parts of the world. Due to its level, it is one of the most demanded bars, making it difficult to enter after 9:00 p.m. if a previous reservation is not made.

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A very relaxed bar with a good offer of beers from the Patagonia line where its beer quality along with its atmosphere stands out above a gastronomy that is consistent but does not dazzle. A lot of young movement and one of its main virtues is that it opens from 5:30 p.m.

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Rock restaurant chain with hamburgers and American cuisine classics.

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