IoT - Internet de las Cosas: ¿en qué debemos enfocarnos?

IoT – Internet of Things: what should we focus in?

Internet of Things (IoT) is now the hottest topic of discussion in the technology field. This term coined by Kevin Ashton from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999, relates to a network between devices and physical objects interconnected via the Internet, using sensors, communication and measuring mechanisms, among others, to generate information and receive information systematically. IoT is a revolutionary process that is transforming the way businesses and consumers interact; just consider that in 2017, there are substantially more devices connected to the Internet than people worldwide. This interconnectivity will result in a global market of stratospheric numbers. There are many who believe that intellectual property rights may limit or slow the growth of IoT, especially through patents and trade secrets. Speakers will address the relationship between IoT and intellectual property and address issues such as what changes might be needed in legislation and patent systems in the environment of the IoT? Will claims between companies increase or necessarily will there be more cross-licensing? Will actions of patent trolls proliferate? What other types of IP are having an impact or will impact the IoT?