Jose Manuel Otero Lastres

Jose Manuel Otero Lastres

Real Madrid Board of Director - Spain

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Law from the University of Santiago, he presides the Bufete Otero Lastres specialized in Commercial Law and Industrial and Intellectual Property Law. Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Alcalá de Henares since 1986, he has also taught at other universities, such as Santiago and León. Member of the Board of Directors of Real Madrid CF, he is also recognized as a writer of novels and stories. He has received numerous awards and medals, such as the Merit Cross to Merit in the Service of the Law and the Cross of Honor of the Order of St. Raimundo de Peñafort, among others.

  • Monday20-Mar-2017
12:15 pm

The Game is stolen!!! …. Literally … Soccer streaming. The economic model of the big soccer clubs and the weight of the television in the same