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9:00 am

Administrative Council

1:30 pm

Working Committees

Place:  Room Atlantic 2

6:30 pm

Opening Cocktail

Place: Trellises – Terrace  Hotel  Conquistador Date: Sunday, march 19 Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Dress code:  Casual (Tropical suit or guayabera)

9:00 am

The Commandments of Licensing in the world of entertainment

10:15 am

A New Song! Technological platforms – Challenges and opportunities under new uses and music licensing

CD’s and live performances became the main source of entertainment for the public; technology has given rise to important changes in the way the consumer accesses musical entertainment. Streaming or streaming online music in real time is a way through which it is transmitted without the need to download files with content; several providers offer access to music through this method for reception and playback on different types of devices (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, among others). Especially relevant is YouTube, which has become a platform for potential artists and renowned artists. These changes, in turn, imply challenges to ensure a fairly remunerated use of the contents protected by the intellectual property between those that form the value chain of ...

Rafael Ernesto Ortin
Marquez, Henriquez, Ortin & Valedon - Venezuela
Octavio Saldana
América Móvil S.A.B. DE C.V. - Mexico
David Ehrlich
David M. Ehrlich & Associates - United States
Aldo Fabrizio Modica
Bareiro Modica Abogados - Paruguay - Moderator
12:15 pm

The Game is stolen!!! …. Literally … Soccer streaming. The economic model of the big soccer clubs and the weight of the television in the same

If we were to think of soccer as a country, this would be the 17th world economy (with a GDP of more than US$ 500 billion) and 5th in population (240 million players under FIFA affiliated teams). Soccer is a social phenomenon; it is a worldwide entertainment. Super leagues and the teams that make them up constitute the scenario in which the most talented players of the planet act. This requires robust and sustainable budgets and the corresponding organizational structure. To this end, the major soccer clubs have developed economic models in which intellectual property and the right of image constitute a fundamental pillar. Another interesting fact is that more than half of the most watched programs in television history ...

Jose Manuel Otero Lastres
Real Madrid Board of Director - Spain
Carlos del Campo
The Professional Soccer League (LaLiga) - Spain
Felipe Senna
Fox Networks Group Latin America - Brazil
Marco Antonio Palacios
Palacios & Asociados - Guatemala - Moderator
2:20 pm

Long live the Show! Live presentations and the contracts required

Live performances, public shows, are an important segment in the entertainment industry. For the public, being physically present in front of a stage, before the singer, musicians, actors and other artists, generates a particular feeling and experience, different from the experience produced by television, cinema or computer. Putting together live shows demand for a complex logistics, including legal-documentary. In the process are legally linked, among others, the artist or set of artists or the company holding the show and its representative or manager and the organizer of the event and then this with the bookers, with security services, advertising and with the attending public. Speakers will share their experiences regarding the path that must be followed in order to put ...

Stephen Goldstein
Stephen Goldstein & Associates - United States
Paulo Parente Marques Mendes
Di Blasi, Parente & Associados - Brazil - Moderator
6:00 pm

Local Law Firms Reception

Place: Palomino Island Date: Monday, March 20 Time: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Dress code: White Dress (Comfortable shoes, the event will be held in the sand)   *Important: Only departure from the Marina at 6:00 pm Only return 8:30 pm Access by the Funicular of the Hotel

9:00 am

From Atari and Pac-Man to Pokemon Go and Beyond: The industry of video games

10:15 am

Reality Shows … What does the industry need to protect and how an Intellectual Property attorney deals with it?

The TV genre called “reality TV” or “reality show” documents unplanned situations and current occurrences of individuals who represent themselves (not fictional characters) in a thematic context. These individuals are gathered in the same physical space and must coexist in front of the cameras; the public can consequently observe through the so-called “small screen” what happens to those individuals in real time. Although its antecedent goes back several decades, in the last two, this genre has gained a spectacular rating, engaging to all type of public. Producing reality shows starts with the concept that wants to be developed (survival, sentimental relationships, musical academies, others), the casting of people who will “live” the experience and a number of other considerations until ...

Brian Rupp
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - United States
Roxana de Candia
Fox Networks Group Latin America - Argentina
Virginia Servent
Fox Networks Group Latin America - Guatemala - Moderator
11:30 am

Light Lunch

12:00 pm

Camera ….. Action: The Cinematographic Industry – From the Script to the Distribution

The magic of cinema surrounds us all; bringing movies to the big screen requires huge investments and efforts and also taking big risks. Scriptwriters, directors, appropriate setting, actors and actresses, makeup artists, music and sound and many other elements are added and intertwined to achieve  a film, to put together a history, fiction, novels, dreams … Presentations in this panel, addressed by specialists in the legal and executive field of film industry, will present how a film work is structured, issues associated with its financing, precautions with the chain of ownership in the elements that are incorporated and the role of the lawyer, issues related to distribution and the importance of incentives in this industry.

Rudy Langlais
Royal Palm Filmworks - British West Indies
Ana María Magana
Motion Picture Association - Mexico
Susan Abramovitch
Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP - Canada
Corky Kessler
Deutsch, Levy & Engel, Chartered - United States
2:05 pm

Who knocks at the door? …. Collective management arrived at the event … In search of balance

Collective management represents the holders of copyright and related rights in the patrimonial management of their rights, holders who have the option of authorizing or prohibiting the use of what the law protects them. However, the exercise of such management often causes users of works and phonograms questions such as, is there a simpler way to pay for the rights and pay them for effective use? How was the rate defined? How many times do you have to pay? Under the model followed in most countries of continental law (Ibero-America included with some exceptions), there is usually a monopoly by category of work for collective management purposes, in other countries the model is open. In general, in those States where ...

Luis Alberto Soto
UNO Radio Group - Puerto Rico
Susan Crane
Wyndham Worldwide Corporation - United States
Eugenio Torres
Ferraiuoli LLC - Puerto Rico - Moderator
7:00 pm

Closing Cocktail

Place: Coqui Water Park Date: Tuesday, march 21 Time:  7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Dress code: Tropical Suit or guayabera   * Important:  Access by the Funicular of the Hotel

Venue: El Conquistador Resort

Set on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, El Conquistador offers the luxury and legendary service of the Waldorf Astoria in the charming and lively Puerto Rico. El Conquistador offers luxurious accommodation in five different villas within the resort. Enjoy a room or suite with an incredible view of the ocean or the tropical landscape. For a better resort experience, choose Las Casitas Village. This enclave of private villas provides guests with butler and concierge services as well as other exceptional services and amenities.

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