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November 26, 2017


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9:00 am

Administrative Council

2:00 pm

Working Committees

5:30 pm

Mentorship Program

8:00 pm

Opening Cocktail

Location: American Trade Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm Dress code: Cocktail. Departure starting at 7:30 pm from the lobby of the Hilton Hotel

8:45 am

Opening Ceremony

9:30 am

How well-known is the well-known trademark in laws and jurisprudence?

The well-known trademark gained ground towards the end of the XX century and beginnings of the XXI; At the time of the new century, the joint recommendation concerning the provisions on the protection of well-known marks within WIPO, prior and concurrent to this, is being followed by many countries elaborating more on this figure in their domestic rules. In many legal texts it is indicated, as in the recommendation already mentioned, that in order to determine notoriety, the competent authority will take into consideration any circumstance from which it can be inferred. However, invoking the notoriety of a trademark for purposes of protection in administrative and judicial proceedings, entails for the claimant the burden of a complex requirement of evidence, ...

10:50 pm

Coffee break

11:10 am

Inventive level: When the expert examination does not value the result

The conditions or requirements for patentability have been harmonized at the international level, but this does not mean that they are interpreted equally in each country where they are applied and less so that they are applied correctly. The “inventive level” condition is considered to be the most difficult to assess. As a result of this complexity, there is a risk that a bad evaluation will result in the refusal of the patent application for an invention, which implies, among other things, economic and competitive effects. Many cases of rejection, arguing lack of inventive level, have been or are sustained in the existence of known elements without adequately analyzing the result that is presented with the invention. In many cases, ...

Martín Bensadon
Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal - Argentina
12:20 pm

Harmonization of Norms or Concentration in Registration Processes? The Andean Community Model

In the industrial property there are treaties whose implementation involves systems of pluri or multilateral registration, where application requests to obtain registrations and their administration, concentrates or monopolizes, to some degree, in certain entities or bodies. Under some forms of concentration of the registry management, national offices start taking a secondary role or not having one, for some functions; In some forms, there may be risks of unequal treatment or discrimination before the law with respect to local requests. There are also treaties aimed at harmonizing, setting a gold standard or common law, that will provide greater regulatory certainty for users in member countries of the treaty; in some cases, harmonization is complemented by an instance of jurisdiction that interprets ...

Hugo Ramiro Gómez
Tribunal Andino de Justicia - Peru
1:30 pm


Place: Rooms L2, Revolution y Sociaty Cafe

2:45 pm

IoT – Internet of Things: what should we focus in?

Internet of Things (IoT) is now the hottest topic of discussion in the technology field. This term coined by Kevin Ashton from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999, relates to a network between devices and physical objects interconnected via the Internet, using sensors, communication and measuring mechanisms, among others, to generate information and receive information systematically. IoT is a revolutionary process that is transforming the way businesses and consumers interact; just consider that in 2017, there are substantially more devices connected to the Internet than people worldwide. This interconnectivity will result in a global market of stratospheric numbers. There are many who believe that intellectual property rights may limit or slow the growth of IoT, especially through patents ...

4:00 pm

Free Zones: freedom for piracy and counterfeit?

Free zones are defined as geographical areas or areas under a special state qualification, which enjoy a differentiated and exceptional customs and tax regime, with respect to the regime of customs and fiscal that apply in a country. Notwithstanding the objectives with which free zones were conceived, in practice, many users of free zones abuse the customs and tax privileges they enjoy and, under a reduced control of authorities and public forces, lead to conduct commercial operations of counterfeit and pirated products, using the free zone area as a center for the management, packaging and distribution of illicit products. Speakers will share their views and experiences regarding the relation between free zones and infringement of intellectual property, as well as ...

Judith Fernández
ASW Group - Panama
María Cecilia Romoleroux
Moderator - CorralRosales (Ecuador)
8:00 pm

Local Law Firms Reception

Location: To be defined Time: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am Dress code: Casual Departure starting at 7:30 pm from the lobby of the Hilton Hotel

9:00 am

Workshop 1: Domain Name dispute resolution

9:00 am

Workshop 2: Habeas Data: regulation on personal databases

The technology has enabled more immediate and sophisticated means for the collection of personal data and its transmission between different entities located in the same or different countries. Countries aware of the need to preserve the right to privacy and protection of personal data have generated legislation to that end. International organizations have played a significant role in this effort. The OECD, for example, developed a guide for the protection of privacy and cross-border traffic of personal data, which added to the motivation of several of its member countries to implement local laws. In addition to personal privacy issues, risks were also identified as a result of the disparity in the treatment of the subject by domestic laws that could ...

11:00 am


Place: Foyer Star Bay (Only day Tuesday, November 28)

11:30 am

Workshop 3: Getting Legally Ready for a Start Up

The excitement and the adrenaline are especially present when starting with a venture. The dynamics of the implementation of a project can result in people giving little attention to the legal aspects that give certainty to the relationships between entrepreneurs and third parties. This entails vulnerabilities. Legal advice for an entrepreneur prior to and during the start-up of a business is vital. During the workshop, it will be reviewed the “check list” to be covered in this legal accompaniment and it will be discussed the legal route to be followed before or parallel to the gestation and birth of the business. Questions such as: Which relationships should be defined between the partners – if there is more than one entrepreneur ...

11:30 am

Workshop 4: Trademarks (Nice and Viena) and Industrial Designs (Locarno) International Classifications

The classification systems facilitate the grouping of certain information according to pre-established parameters. This information allows the generation of systematic databases that in turn enable more efficient and orderly consultation. In Intellectual Property, particularly for those categories in which it applies an attributive system of rights, international classification systems constitute relevant tools for registration purposes and, in the context of enormous amounts of information, for the performance of searches that provide Information about the existence of antecedents (or their non-existence by not reflecting the information). Often, users of the intellectual property system (and even registrars) are not adequately aware of international classification systems, which may affect the scope of the legal guardianship sought or result in incorrect searches or incomplete. ...

3:30 pm

Sport activities

Location: Golf Club Time: 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm Departure starting at 2:30 pm from the lobby of the Hilton Hotel First return at 6:00 pm, the next at 8:00 pm * Important: Lunch included

9:00 am

From subtlety to impudence: Imitating the market leaders (trade dress)

10:15 am

My client has the App of the century. How do I protect it?

We are increasingly dependent on computer technology. Work, interaction and recreation are today linked to hardware and software. The protection of software and applications is not uniform; some legislations provide protection under the patent of invention and others, under copyright; in some cases, each category is applied under certain conditions. The criteria can vary from country to country and protection may be inappropriate for times of management. In the entertainment industry, video games and apps are skyrocketing, creators and investors need clarity, speed and certainty as to the legal way to protect their rights. Speakers will make a presentation that will take us through comparative law and the options they apply for the protection of these creations, the problems that ...

11:35 am

Coffee break

11:55 am

Trends in Labels Regulations. Requiem to Trademark Law?

Trademarks and labels are capacitors and communicators of information. These signs allow a greater transparency in the market and are constituted for the consumer in a reference of the business source, quality and guarantee (among others), thus assisting him to opt for the product or service of his preference in a more informed way. Trademarks and labels also allow to fight against spurious products and fight those who unscrupulously use third-party trademarks to surprise consumers with the risk of affecting their health and integrity. At a multilateral and national level, regulations have been developed to regulate the information contained in product labels and the characteristics of the packaging and label, in many cases, displacing the trademark or copying the product ...

1:15 pm


Place: Rooms L2, Revolution y Sociaty Cafe

2:45 pm

Native Advertising

Native advertising has developed significantly and rapidly since 2013, driven by social networks. It’s the hottest thing in digital marketing, the fastest growing investment in advertising. Increasingly, online advertising abandons the intrusive nature and becomes an advertising format that integrates with and respects the user experience. Instead of “hindering” it proposes to add value to the user so that the trademark connects with the interests of the user. Like the chameleon, native advertising is mimicked in the online environment and hence it is usually accompanied by a legend that indicates that it is a promotional or advertising content. The antecedent of this type of advertising can be found in the figure of the “product placement” since the 30’s. Speakers will ...

Jeffrey Greenbaum
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz - United States
Alejandro Betancourt
Procter & Gamble - Panama
4:10 pm

Social Media and Attorneys: how can firms make efficient and effective use of it?

Social Networks have changed the way we communicate and we inform ourselves: For a certain public, they are already the main source. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter – among others – are vehicles that give voice to Firms and lawyers and, in turn, are means that can support the development of new businesses. These networks also provide data that become market intelligence and can contribute to the planning and evaluation of the Firms’ work. Attorneys must understand the dynamics of social networks and project  through them with content that arouses the interest of the target audience. Speakers will address and share experiences and strategies on how law firms can make an efficient and effective use of social networks.

8:00 pm

Closing Dinner

Location: Panamá La Vieja Time: 8:00pm – 2:00am Dress code: white tropical suit or white guayabera Departure starting at 7:30 pm from the lobby of the Hilton Hotel First return at 11:00 pm, last return at 2:00 am


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