59 Assembly of WIPO Member States

Elisabeth Siemsen and Luis Henriquez attended this event that took place from October 30 to 9 in Geneva, Switzerland. ASIPI, as a WIPO observer, had the opportunity to intervene in that Assembly and Elisabeth Siemsen briefly presented the Association and the most important projects on which we are working. To access her intervention please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jK8jdcyD0

They held several meetings during their visit to Geneva. First, with Beatriz Amorim-Borher, Director, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. David Muls, Senior Director, Madrid Registry, Mr. Mario Matus, Deputy Director General, Development Sector, Saadallah, Senior Director, WIPO Academy and with Mr. Rolando Hernández, Head, Offices Services Section, PCT International Cooperation Division. Likewise, they met with several IP Directors: Mr. Dámaso Pardo, INPI Argentina, Ms. Marianela Delor, DNPI Uruguay, Mr. Leonardo Uribe, DIGERPI Panama, Ms. Ruth Alexandra Lockward, ONAPI, Ms. Sylvia Ruiz Hochstetter, Guatemala, Ms. María de los Angeles Sánchez, Cuban IP Office, Ms. Loreto Bresky, INAPI Chile and with Mr. Iván Mauricio Pinzón Jiménez, SIC Colombia. They strengthen ties and in the particular case of the Directors of IP Offices, they presented the Country Brand project in which ASIPI has been working in order to obtain support at the WIPO meeting in November.

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