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Rio de Janeiro

Pre & Post Tours

Angra dos Reis

150 km south of Rio lies the beautiful Green Coast. The area is famous for its forest covered mountains which seem to fall into the emerald colored sea. The coast line is dotted with hundreds of small islands. It is a paradise for sun seekers, water sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers. You can visit this charming seaside town by car (03 hours) or join a full-day excursion which includes a schooner trip through some of the islands with lunch. There also many deluxe resorts offering all sports, spas, golf, and many different tours.

Items included:

02 nights in Portobello Resort – Standard ocean view Breakfast and dinner included Regular transfer airport / hotel / airport with portuguese driver Regular transfer valid to pick up and drop off in GIG or hotels in Copacabana, Leblon or Ipanema.

The emerald colored seaThe area is famous for its forest covered mountains


Just a few hours drive up the coast and 192km from Rio, Buzios counts on more than 20 magnificent beaches and the crystal-clear water contrast with the exuberantly sculptured landscape and exotic vegetation. Famous for being ‘discovered’ in the 1960s by Bridgette Bardot, who felt in love with the beauty of the land and the natives , Buzios is no longer the sleepy fishing village it once was, with an abundance of restaurants, bars, boutique shops and hotels, it is nowadays a popular destination for the city’s residents. A peninsula surrounded by a transparent and green ocean, this is a great place to come and soak up the atmosphere with a variety of different activities on offer, as water sports and boat trips.

Items included:

02 nights in Pousada Byblos or similar Breakfast included transfer Rio de Janeiro / Búzios/ Rio de Janeiro

BuziosCounts on more than 20 magnificent beaches and the crystal-clear water

Iguassu Falls

More than twice as large as Niagara Falls and truly one of the most spectacular sites that nature has to offer, the magnificent Iguassu Falls not only divide the powerful Iguazu River, but they also separate Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay borders. Comprising 275 separate falls that stretch for more than one and a half miles, many of which are over 200 feet in height, it affords visitors breathtaking panoramic views, particularly from the Brazil side. It is sometimes said ‘from the Brazilian side you see the falls, and from the Argentinean side you live them’ and we couldn’t agree more. The Brazilian side also has the pick of the hotels with the renovated and Orient Express owned hotel Das Cataratas – just a stone’s throw from falls. It is also possible to find very good accommodation on the Argentinean side, which hosts hotel Sheraton Iguazu, also inside the Argentinean national park, and some charming boutique hotels.

Items included:

02 nights in Hotel Bourbon or similar

Iguassu FallsTruly one of the most spectacular sites that nature has to offer

Manaus 3 nights (package)

An unlikely city, set in the middle of the Amazon, surrounded by thousands of miles of rainforest in every direction. Manaus is the arrival point for anyone entering the Amazon. Due to the distances involved to the better lodges, an overnight stay in the city is required on the inward bound journey.

Items included:

Private Transfer aeroporto / hotel with guide 01 night in Hotel Largo Manaus Package Anavilhanas – 3 days/ 02 nights including tours.

ManausThousands of miles of rainforest


As The world’s largest wetlands area, the Pantanal is simply the best wildlife spotting in South America. Though well less known than the Amazon, it is in fact made up of a variety of distinct terrains and ecosystems (wetlands, savannah and rainforest), This remains of the most unspoilt and abundant habitats in the world. There are hundreds of animal species unique to the area, including 698 bird species, 80 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles. The Pantanal is home to many exotic and endangered species and including hyacinth macaws, toucans, tapir, giant anteaters, giant otters, the maned wolf, jaguar and capybara. It can be explored in a number of ways, either by staying at a lodge in one location or a safari through different terrains. We can tailor-make such private safaris to your wishes, from bird watching to Jaguar tracking, all with expert guidance. When to go? This will depend on what you are looking to spot. However, it’s generally best during the dry season (July-September) or the transition seasons (March-June and September-November).

Items included:

Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner English guide Transfer and sightseeing in regular basis

PantanalThe Pantanal is simply the best wildlife spotting in South America


Former capital of Brazil and the spiritual home of much of its traditional culture, there’s a great deal to pack into a couple of days in Salvador. You can spend your time wandering the pretty streets of the old colonial neighbourhood, watching the impromptu displays of capoeira (the slave’s athletic fight/dance) or attending Candomble rituals (an African religion that has deep roots in Salvador). Some of our preferred hotels are located in the charming colonial old town of Pelourinho making exploration of this (the best part of the city) much easier.

Items included:

02 nights in Pestana Bahia Lodge Hotel or similar Breakfast Private transfer airport/hotel/ airport with guide Panoramic Tour with guide Historical Tour with guide

SalvadorFormer capital of Brazil and the spiritual home of much of its traditional culture.

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