What to bring


For convenience and better cost, bring your health and beauty products. In case you forget something, products such as shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, sunscreen products, medicine for allergy, cough drops, solution for contact lens and painkillers are sold in the hotel gift shops and mini markets. The resorts’ stores also sell food (snacks, bread, cheese, drinks), clothing (shirts, shorts, beachwear, sandals), books and souvenirs.


We recommend you to travel with your prescription drugs. Medications prescribed by doctors abroad usually are not valid in pharmacies, which may require you to see a local doctor. Also, the specific medication may not be available in the Island. USA health insurances are not accepted in Aruba. Be prepared to pay by cash or credit card at doctors’ offices, pharmacies or hospitals. The rental of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, special medical equipment and health products for home are available through Labco (tel. 582 -6651 ).


Light jacket / light sweater ( for restaurants and casinos with air conditioning, and cold nights and windy ) . Sport Jacket  and pants (optional )


Your clothing should be casual and comfortable as are holidays in Aruba. The average annual temperature is 82 F ( 27 C ) .The hottest months are from May to October and the coldest months are from December to March.


Wi – Fi Points to connect to the Internet are at the airport, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets , beaches and bars with a prepaid code or credit cards. Most resorts offer Wi – Fi on its premises , either in public areas and / or rooms. Service can also offer computers for guest use, as well as special rates for daily internet  and use of international or local telephone.  Internet Coffee shops are in the commercial areas both in the city center as in the Hotel Areas. Bring chargers and cables for your devices.